“For me, the highest level of sexual excitement is in a monogamous relationship.” – Warren Beatty


Aren’t you tired of the discreet, hook-up culture that plagues the gay community?

I don’t believe that gay, monogamous relationships are impossible. I 100% believe that they are possible. I also believe that a lot of gay men secretly long for a monogamous relationship, but are afraid to admit it and at the same time, are afraid of it.

Why are we so scared of monogamy?

I believe one of the reasons is because we don’t have any examples in the media of what a gay, monogamous relationship looks like. There are no gay couples for us to look up to as a basis and testament of a lasting relationship. The heterosexuals have tons and tons of long-lasting couples to look up to. Even the lesbians have some long-lasting couples to look up to as a basis.

Where are the gays?

I also believe that part of the reason gay men have trouble with monogamous relationships is because being gay is still kind of taboo, unfortunately. There are still a ton of young gay men out there who are not able to be themselves or accept themselves because society still puts a stigma on the gay community. We, unfortunately, may not be able to change societies views, but we can change some things within our own gay society.

Honestly, things have to start changing if we want it to get any better. Take a stand for your beliefs and your wants. Be the change you want to see. It is possible for gay men to have monogamous relationships. Yes, it is going to be a lot of hard, emotional work, but what romantic relationship isn’t hard work?

Aren’t you tired of the discreet, hook-up culture? Don’t you want something more? Don’t we deserve more? Don’t we deserve true, lasting love too?

Lesson: Stop settling for discreet hook-ups, start doing some internal work, and go find love because you deserve it. Everyone deserves it. We haven’t been fighting for equal rights all these years for nothing.

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